Licensed Psychologist (PSY8202)
Licensed Marriage, Family &
Child Therapist (MFC8282)

Virginia Foster

(858) 699-1353

Specialties Include:
Anxiety Disorders & Depression
Adjustment Disorders
Marital & Relationship Problems
Parenting Issues
Stress Management
Loss or Grief
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Lectures and Workshops for Community Groups and Businesses


My approach begins with an assessment of presenting problems, a diagnosis and the development of a treatment plan that I share with my client (or clients if I am working with a couple). We set goals together and continually assess progress. My therapeutic techniques are primarily cognitive behavioral and insight oriented. I offer lectures and workshops on parenting, relationship enrichment and communication strategies. I am located in La Jolla, Ca.

Dr. Foster explains...Cyclic Behavior

Dr. Foster explains...Attitudes That Sabotage

Dr. Foster explains...Dealing With Interpersonal Conflict

Dr. Foster explains...Pitfalls To Progress

Dr. Foster explains.....Having Elevated Thoughts

Books by Dr. Foster

Romantic LoveRomantic Love: How to Get It - How to Keep It

The topic is Romantic Love. The "How to get it" section includes suggestions f1or reviewing one's goals and values in order to profile qualities desired in a partner as well as strategies for overcoming fear of rejection and finding a mate in a reasonable period of time. The "How to Keep it" section covers how to solve problems in relationships and how to recognize and overcome fear of intimacy. This includes nurturing friendship, keeping passion alive and honoring commitment. There will also be tips for developing the personal emotional maturity that makes one a good partner.



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Dorrance Publishing

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Dr. Foster's Guide to Health, Wealth and the Pursuit of Happiness

Dr. Foster's Guide to Health, Wealth and the Pursuit of Happiness

Here is a practical no-nonsense guide to help you achieve your potential in career and relationships as well as mental and physical health. It contains valuable research-based information on how to find happiness. This book is for everyone who wants to control his own destiny starting right now.

Dr. Foster's Guide to Health, Wealth and the Pursuit of Happiness is available at